The HRC adopted the following concluding oberservations at its 2505th meeting (CCPR/C/SR.2505), held on 30 October 2007
Nachstehend ein Auszug betreffend die Umsetzung der VIEWS

C. Principal subjects of concern and recommendations

6. The Committee notes that, unlike the European convention on Human Rights, the

Covenant is not directly applicable in the State party and that the courts and authorities of the

State party rarely apply or interpret domestic law in the light of the Covenant. In this regard,

it reiterates that a number of Covenant rights exceed the scope of the provisions of the

European Convention of Human Rights which has been incorporated into Austrian law at the

rank of constitutional law. (art. 2)

The State party should ensure that all rights protected under the Covenant are

given effect in domestic law and that judges and law enforcement officers receive

adequate training to apply and interpret domestic law in the light of the Covenant.

7. The Committee is concerned about the absence in the State party of any mechanisms

ensuring systematic followup

to the Views adopted by the Committee under the Optional

Protocol to the Covenant, in particular mechanisms enabling victims to obtain compensation

for violations of their Covenant rights. (art. 2)

The State party should consider adopting adequate mechanisms to give effect to

the Committee's Views, with the aim to ensure that victims obtain redress, including

compensation, in case their Covenant rights have been violated by the State party.

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